One goal of the organization and the team is to have resources available so that any kid who wants to ride is able to.  This can range from needing bikes and helmets to membership fees and race entry fees to travel assistance for getting to races.

The team has more than doubled in size since last year, but still has very little in the way of resources and equipment. Standard equipment at races ranges from pop-up day-shades and water coolers to bike racks for the racing sites (mountain bikes do not have kickstands), helmets, and jerseys (uniforms).

Several sponsorship levels are available, ranging from a one-time donation to regular endorsements and partnerships.

Suggestions for donations include:

  •  Helmets
  • Jersey $ 40
  • Equipment (water cooler, pop-up day shade, etc.) $25-$100
  • Team food/snacks $30
  • Bike Stand $175 (mountain bikes don’t have kickstands)
  • Camelback individual water carriers
  • Car rack
  • Bike $150+
  • Race fee $40
  • North Carolina MBT Dues $40
  • Travel assistance (hotel or camp fees, gas)

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